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Making Sales Reps Rich  & Happy


For a Fortune 100 client, we were able to embed analytics insights in their lead tracking system.  By scoring customers in terms of their propensity to buy a certain product in the next month and also predict how much they will buy, we were able to generate validated leads and sales several times bigger than what the sales teams were able to do on their own. We achieved an incremental ROI of 43 to 1 for our client.

We have supported many top tier clients in extracting strategic insights and building innovative solutions with their data and our analytics. A couple of notable projects that we have performed are...


Recognizing High Value Customers in Minutes


For a major financial services company, we were able to build effective customer segmentations based not only on demographics and behavior but also on the customers' preferences and attitudes in making purchase decisions.  We were able to test and implement  ways to leverage analytics insights to identify the segments the high value customers belong by triangulating using a few data points generated from predictive link models.

CEO of a major financial services company

I want my entire team, including the secretaries, to be trained to identify these important customers when they call or visit our offices."

Leveraging Analytics to Meet Your Needs

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